Street Signs

The idea of painting New Orleans street signs came in late 2007. I had always been intrigued by the names of the streets in New Orleans – names like Arts, Music, Painters, Humanity, Piety, Desire and more. The idea to paint some of these just stuck in my head one day. The goal was to … Continue reading Street Signs


Katrina Timeline – The Evacuation

The following three posts compose a timeline of the days leading up to the Hurricane Katrina evacuation through the Sunday after the storm. I wanted to put down a brief record of these 10 days that changed my life forever. Katrina is always with me and always will be. In these lists, my focus is … Continue reading Katrina Timeline – The Evacuation

Katrina Timeline – The Aftermath

Wednesday, Aug. 31, 2005Early Wednesday, Kimberly’s Dad (Paul Oglesbee Jr.) and her older brother (Paul III) went to Meridian to buy supplies to patch the roof.I called the NOBTS North Georgia Campus to reserve a hotel room. Liz Stewart (NOBTS Student Life Director at the time) answered and made the reservation.I worked hard all morning … Continue reading Katrina Timeline – The Aftermath