Logging Air Miles … and Blogging

Big travel news. In just a few short weeks, I begin a month of travel, fun, adventure, writing and my first archaeological dig. Three trips spread over four weeks – Alaska, Israel and Phoenix. Trip 1: New Orleans // Dallas // Alaska // Dallas // New OrleansOn May 14, we leave for a week in … Continue reading Logging Air Miles … and Blogging


Paint, Emotion and Creative Energy

Everyone seems to have an opinion about the print hanging in the foyer of my office at New Orleans Seminary. I’ve heard many people express their feelings about this painting. Some love it. Others hate it. The print was made from an oil painting of an urban scene. Though somewhat abstract nature, the setting is … Continue reading Paint, Emotion and Creative Energy

Classical Gas Stations … and Street Signs

By Gary D. MyersI have always loved Edward Ruscha’s art – especially his painting of a simple gas station. I was inspired the first time I saw it and I consider that painting one of my major influences. Unfortunately, for many years I couldn’t remember who painted it. "Standard Station" Edward RuschaRuscha painted the work … Continue reading Classical Gas Stations … and Street Signs