More than a game

Baseball is a lot like life. At times it is slow and boring. Other times all the pressure seems to fall on you. There’s nothing like the excitement you feel when you are batting or when a hard-hit ball is coming your way. Like life, baseball requires knowledge, individual skill and the ability to work … Continue reading More than a game


Seeing things from a different perspective

Perspective is valuable. Seeing things through someone else’s eyes can cure our self-absorbed myopia. Perspective can help us understand something in a new way and help us empathize with another people. In the past few weeks I have had several opportunity see things from a different perspective. One event helped me learn more about my … Continue reading Seeing things from a different perspective

The Renaissance of Imagination

The rebirth of New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina launched a fresh time of creativity in the region that has touched artists, musicians, writers and ministers alike. The place the gave birth to Jazz is giving birth again. It has been exciting to see this renaissance of the imagination take hold.St. Louis Cathedral, Jackson SquareMy church, … Continue reading The Renaissance of Imagination

Hurricane Katrina: Faith + Hope + Love = Healing

God appointed a time for everything under the sun, the writer of Ecclesiastes said. “A time to mourn and a time to dance.” Hurricane Katrina was certainly a time to mourn.Five years have come and gone since the storm rearranged my life and the lives of millions along the Gulf Coast. On this anniversary, I … Continue reading Hurricane Katrina: Faith + Hope + Love = Healing