Weary traveler,Trans-Atlantic flight.Leaving New York,Away from the light.Over the ocean,All is quiet.Searching, Looking,Into blue midnight.Feeling worse than I look,Looking worse than I should.Longing, anticipating,I would sleep if I could.Weary traveler,Trans-Atlantic flight. Imagining, Expecting, Up all night.- Gary D. Myers, 2006  Inspired by flights to Paris, Tel-Aviv and Moscow


Mt. Carmel

Twelve stones gathered.An offering consumed.You will be praised.Baal's men scattered.False prophets shattered.Your Name be raised.People tested.Idols bested.You will be praised.Holy God remembered.Your Name be raised.You Oh God, You must be praised.– Gary D. Myers, 2005   Written in Israel.    Inspired by 1 Kings 18:18-40