Thirty Years Later, ‘I Miss All the Little Things’

When I first noticed the lights of a lone car in the distance, fear washed over me. Headlights pierced the darkness of the moonless night as the car topped a small hill nearly a quarter of mile away. I watched across the open field as the car bounced down the bumpy dirt road­ until it was out of view behind a grove of trees. I … Continue reading Thirty Years Later, ‘I Miss All the Little Things’

20 Years Ago … Really?

This summer Kimberly and I will mark a significant milestone in our relationship. We met in May of 1991 – 20 years ago. Then in November we’ll celebrate 17 years of marriage. Both numbers seem impossible. Neither rolls easily off the tongue. How did so much time pass so quickly? The summer of 1991 was very special time — one last summer before my senior … Continue reading 20 Years Ago … Really?

NOLA Collection

Faith, Hope, Love Fleur-de-lis Mid 2008I began painting Fleur-de-lis painting in late 2007. I knew their was a market for the paintings. I was proud on the original fleur-de-lis design, but I only painted simple backgrounds at first. In mid 2008 I tried to work the words “Faith, Hope and Love” into the backgound. These took a lot longer than the older versions, but these … Continue reading NOLA Collection