An Unexpected Journey: New appreciation for the word ‘lost’ – Part One

Jonathan and me at the Indian cave in 2010. By Gary D. Myers Anyone who knows me well knows one thing: I don’t get lost. I don’t get lost in the car. I don’t get lost in the woods. I just don’t get lost. I have one rule for not getting lost and one tool for not getting lost. My one rule is to never … Continue reading An Unexpected Journey: New appreciation for the word ‘lost’ – Part One

Strolling through Jerusalem’s Old City: Like a look inside my soul

By Gary D. Myers The Old City of Jerusalem never fails to deliver something new and interesting. Each visit It is a filled with unique sights, smells and sounds. Jerusalem didn’t disappoint June 8 when I entered the Damascus Gate just as the Muslims were leaving the Mosques after Friday prayers. The city gave me a new experience, new understanding. The covered streets and open … Continue reading Strolling through Jerusalem’s Old City: Like a look inside my soul

It’s all about context

I dig New Orleanshistory. Literally, I dig it. On Jan. 7, I volunteered at an archaeological excavation in the French Quarter sponsored by the Greater New Orleans Archaeology Program at the University of New Orleans. It was a neat experience. Three hundred years of occupation by several distinctly different cultures makes New Orleans a history-rich environment. There is much to learn in the soil of … Continue reading It’s all about context

The zip code you don’t want – 00000

My heart raced as I clicked the link I found at, The Daily Oklahoman’s website. I quickly scanned the list of Oklahoma post offices that are being studied for closure. I hoped against hope that I wouldn’t see Calvin, Okla.  (pop. 279) on the list. I nervously read the list several times before I was convinced that my hometown post office was not one … Continue reading The zip code you don’t want – 00000

More than a game

Baseball is a lot like life. At times it is slow and boring. Other times all the pressure seems to fall on you. There’s nothing like the excitement you feel when you are batting or when a hard-hit ball is coming your way. Like life, baseball requires knowledge, individual skill and the ability to work with others. It’s complex and unpredictable. It requires quick thinking … Continue reading More than a game

20 Years Ago … Really?

This summer Kimberly and I will mark a significant milestone in our relationship. We met in May of 1991 – 20 years ago. Then in November we’ll celebrate 17 years of marriage. Both numbers seem impossible. Neither rolls easily off the tongue. How did so much time pass so quickly? The summer of 1991 was very special time — one last summer before my senior … Continue reading 20 Years Ago … Really?